An introduction to CBD relief


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in Cannabis and Hemp.

  • Our products contain 100% natural, None GMO, pure CBD oil which is extracted from high CBD content Hemp in a controlled laboratory using a co2 extraction method. Essentially as nature intended but refined into a form that makes its usage more convenient and easier to standardize dosing.
  • All of our products are tested for purity by independent laboratories, we have published certificates of analyis as the bottom of this page for your approval and will add new certificates as we make new products available. As all of our products contain below the EU approved limit of THC they are legal throughout Europe.
  • Our CBD oil comes from carefully grown none GMO Hemp plants that have been cultivated to produce high levels of CBD. This is achieved over many years of “selective breeding” which hs enabled us to produce the high purity products that we provide today. None of our products contain genetically modifed (GMO) plants and all of our oils are pure and unadulteraed hemp oils, they do not contain any other forms of oil such as the vegetable oil that is found in some products.

Some of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies are currently working on ways to synthesis CBD and to create none natural “chemical” medications, which they can license for specific courses of treatment. This presents big risks and puts financial gain infront of the actual needs of patients as their main goal appears to be to create something as close to the natural compound as possible that is none natural so as they can patent it.

We set CBD relief up to inform people of the availability of completely natural CBD relief options and to provide high purity, standardised products that can be used effectively for a variety of uses.

Due to the fact that this product is a natural product and classed as a herbal supplement, we are unable to make any direct health claims, but we encourage you to research its use online as its benefits are well documented.

Further reading:

We recommend anyone considering using CBD products to research it first and speak to their doctor or medical advisor if suffering from any long term ailments.

To get you started in your research we have compiled a few links below;

Analysis Certificates